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Testimonials: Testimonials

Zoey is one of the most intuitive, powerful, heart-led therapists and women, I’ve ever had the privilege of connecting with. Her passion for the craft of bodywork is so apparent in her techniques and confidence in massage but it is her intuitive feminine nature that set the treatment I received, entirely apart from a typical massage. I received a Sacred Well woman massage from Zoey, during which her calming strength and confident technique sent me adrift into a transformative, trance like meditation; which left me feeling relaxed, energised and I felt reconnected to myself and my body. I highly recommend this experience!

Aia J

I received this beautiful treatment from Zoey and it went far beyond what I was expecting. This deep, yet gentle massage not only felt physically but emotionally to. Zoey worked intuitively, easing tension in my lower abdomen and back and I can honestly I have never experienced anything like this. Zoey is knowledgeable and so in tune with her bodywork treatment, I left feeling lighter and I would definitely recommend you to experience this for yourself.

Emma S

I’ve had MANY massages over the years but I had my first Holistic Fusion massage with Zoey last week. It was such an amazing treatment in a beautiful treatment room. Zoey was very thorough with the consultation and treatment. I felt very looked after and SO chilled for days after! I am so looking forward to my next treatment already!

Leanne P

I felt such felt such a deep resonance with Zoey that I knew I could trust her with my most intimate life experiences.
Zoey is so attentive to detail, even in her communication in the lead up to my first session, I felt safe in our exchanges. 
The studio is tucked away in central Brighton and is so filled with natural light that its so warm and welcoming. Zoey has created this wonderful cocoon of love that makes you melt, allowing you to fully surrender in the moment. Zoey has left nothing out when it comes to creating a safe & nurturing environment; the massage table is heated, the towels are warmed and Zoey fills the air with the most beautiful aromas and the music has been carefully selected to enhance your personal healing journey. All of this before Zoey has even laid her respectful hands on to your body.
Zoey truly honoured my soul, she intuitively responded to my body with such grace and ease, enhancing my body to connect with the healing she is performing; thus delving deep into parts I was fearful to face.
I found the healing that Zoey did on me to be so profound on so many levels that it has benefited every area of my life; mostly my self worth, the exchange in my loving relationships, forgiveness to my past and joy and excitement for my future. I cannot recommend Zoey enough and I will forever be eternally grateful for her loving kindness she exchanged with me.
Zoey creates true alchemy.

Victoria D

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