Women's Health & Fertility

A Well Woman massage is a fully holistic experience, using a blend of techniques that nourish and nurture a woman; bringing balance and harmony to the sacral, digestive, respiratory and reproductive areas.

On a much deeper level, this treatment reconnects Women back to their bodies and importantly reawakens their womb space.

The techniques used are pulsing, sacral & womb massage, rebozo (A traditional Mexican shawl, used to gently rock, stretch and wrap the body) and use of energy points; all of which are drawn from traditional cultures.

During this treatment I work the lower back, sacrum, coccyx, abdominal area and womb; which in turn releases held tension, strengthens muscles, ligaments and brings the organs in this area back into alignment.

A Well Woman treatment will also improve blood flow and nerve signals to and from the reproductive organs, as well as flushing out toxins and balancing hormones; all of which can enhance chances of conception.

So this treatment complements natural attempts to become pregnant and equally, if you are on a fertility journey and on specialist fertility treatments.

This treatment is healing on many levels; I am treating the 'whole' being, so there is a psychological and spiritual element to this treatment. I work with energy points helping to release held emotion, trauma and mental blockages. I may also use meditation, affirmations and some sound healing to help soothe you, to feel calm, settled and put you into the best possible frame of mind.

I close this treatment with a very special ceremony, called

‘Restoring the soul’, where by I gently swaddle you with Rebozo’s-this is extremely nurturing and a beautiful end to the most nourishing treatment.

First treatment:

90 minutes- £120

60 minutes- £90

Follow up treatments:

90 minutes £110

60 minutes £80

Gift vouchers and Nurture & nourish packages available.



Ritual wrapping Ceremony

At the end of every Well Woman massage I hold a special ritual ceremony; this is known as 'restoring the soul'. Using rebozo's (traditional Mexican shawls) I tenderly wrap the head, abdomen and feet.

This ceremony is time for you integrate the healing that has just taken place but also allows time to 'just be' in your body, in stillness.

I explain to my clients that this ritual ceremony represents being in a safe warm cocoon; then once unwrapped, stepping out like a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon-into a new phase, feeling restored, more powerful and more connected.

 It can also represent being back in the womb; safe, held and extremely nurturing.


' Time to just be in your body '

' Safe, held and extremley nurturing'